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C. A. Precision Metal Work, LLC is proud to serve the welding and fabrication needs of most industries in southeast Florida. In order for us to achieve our goal of providing the highest level of service possible to our customers, we constantly compile and update our technical library of data to expedite the repair process for our clients.

Skill, Speed, and Versatility
Our welders and technicians are certified, licensed and experienced, and we strive to provide the fastest repairs for a competitive price. We repair air frames and aircraft engines and a variety of  inside and outside components. Our aircraft repairs are in accordance with FAA regulations.

Marine Fabrication
We specialize in various types of marine fabrication: shafts, pipes, couplings, flanges, bunner flame cutting, S.S. welding and general repairs. We perform on-site repairs at locations such as Port Everglades as well as private marinas including Rosciolli Marina and Bradford Marina.

C. A. Precision Metal Work, LLC welding and fabrication staff have extensive experience in a broad spectrum of materials ranging from high nickel alloys and stainless steel to cast iron, aluminum and titanium. We have experience in commercial and residential industries. Our client list includes Broward General Hospital, Florida Medical Center, City of Fort Lauderdale, Good Road, Miller Bearings, Hilton Hotel and various local apartment buildings, clinics and restaurants.

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