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C. A. Metal Work, LLC has established a reputation as a reliable source for all facets of the manufacturing and fabrication production for a wide range of industries. Within our facility, we have instituted the S.P.C. (Statistical Process Control) System for unsurpassed quality and accuracy. Count on C.A. Precaution for a quality product manufactured to your precise specification and delivered in a timely fashion. By utilizing our custom job-tracking system, your job is constantly monitored throughout the entire process to ensure timely delivery and compliance to your specifications.


Our qualified technicians and management staff have extensive backgrounds in CNC production and programming, engineering, manufacturing, production, quality control inspection, and welding.


Versatile in industries, materials, and services, C. A. Precision Metal Work, LLC is capable of meeting all of your machining needs. Specializing in the marine industry, we also have experience in Aircraft, Aerospace, Medical and Textile industries.

 We utilize a variety of machines and we machine with materials such as aluminum, brass, plastic, carbon steel, tool steel, stainless steel and titanium. We produce from start to finish.